Thursday, July 12, 2012

Smiley 360

If you love trying new things, is for you. As a member you can be the first to sample new products. By using Smiley360 Connect, you are able to search for and follow brands. This is a great way to have your opinions about products heard. I have been a member for about a year and I have received many great products to review for absolutely FREE! It is free to sign up. Once a member you can accept "missions." By accepting the mission, you receive a free product. Once you have used the product you Click Here To Sign Up So far I have received from my membership with Smiley360: A coupon for a free can of Pam cooking spray, a glass baking dish, and a spatula from the Pam cooking spray mission: a free code for a Redbox movie rental: and a full sized bottle of Children's Advil with a book of $1off coupons to share. After using the items I logged on to my Smiley360 account, and shared my opinions of the products. You are able to connect with facebook and twitter to share your review of the products. After sharing, you gain "smiles" which are Smiley360's points. One thing I really like about Smiley360 is that you can get "smiles" by actually talking to people face to face. After talking to someone, you can go to and report your face to face conversations about the product. You start off on Level 1. After completing one mission, you advance to Level 2. To move on two the next levels you must keep doing missions and earning smiles. The more "smiles" you have the more missions you will be offered, and the more free products you will earn. If you would like to ask any questions about my experience with email me at

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