Monday, August 20, 2012

Quimbaya Review

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Cal Bradley just wants his life to be normal. He wants to complete his history project--not travel back in time and become part of it. He dreams of being Most Valuable Player for his middle school basketball team--not causing his rival never to have been born. And he longs to forget about the eighteenth-century pirate that he accidentally caused to time-travel. Instead, Cal must risk his life to save him.

When Cal finds an old wooden box, he has no idea that it hides a special gold medallion that is about to change his life forever. The medallion seems to have a mind of its own, and certainly has all kinds of plans for Cal as it takes him and his friends on a journey that they never could have imagined. Along the way, Cal learns about himself, about helping friends, about taking responsibility. And he discovers that even his enemies are real people, too.


I recently received a copy of Quimbaya written by Dianne C. Stewart. Quimbaya is a book for young readers. I love that the book is interesting and has a great story without any questionable material. There is no bad language or adult situations. The story also has a theme of responsibility. Cal realizes by time traveling and changing events in the past that he has changed things in the present also. He learns the lesson that he has to take responsibility for his actions.

I recommend Quimbaya to parents who are looking for books for young readers. However, this does not mean that the parent's won't enjoy the book too. I have found that most books written for young readers are too simple for adults to enjoy. This is not the case with Quimbaya . Stewart does an extraordinary job at writing a complex and interesting story that young readers can follow and all ages can enjoy.

Quimbaya is the first book in The Quimbaya Trilogy. The second book is titled Season of the Cold Moon , and the third book is titled Longitude: Zero Degrees .


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